[PDF] Leatherback's Big Win

Leatherback's Big Win
by Shubhra Shah Agarwal
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Ever come across a tortoise with a mind of her own? Someone who is cheeky and likes to call a spade a spade? Ever had a problem you couldn’t solve? Ever been so nervous about something you couldn’t sleep at night? What you need is someone like me! After learning so much from my best friend Patch-back, my mentor Papa Sharpy and my student Luca back in Laguna it’s time to put my experiences into practice. I’m loyal, I’m sharp and I’m crazy. The time has come to solve Tanya’s biggest barrier and she will need all the support in the world. With the help of her wildcard entry aka Mommy and her crazy torty, Tanya sure is going on a topsy–turvy journey. I promise it will leave you enthralled, excited, happy, laughing, shocked and exasperated all at the same time. But just remember, each and every Mommy out there has strange, magical powers and Tanya and her mom are going to change the history of Hartson High School!

“TANYA! Tanya! Go for it TANYA! You’re going to make them cry, all those who gave up on you” said Lili.

18 Illustrations in the book are to be colored and there are story related puzzles and activities at the end of the book





















Leatherback's Big Win Shubhra Shah Agarwal















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